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The Forrest (standard:Flash, 311 words) [3/3] show all parts
Author: GreyBeardAdded: Jan 24 2006Views/Reads: 1231/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the third part of the story. I believe it follows The Room and preceeds the Monarch in Another Side of Life.

Part Three: The Forrest 

He had not been long in the forest when the snows came, stealing the
night and blotting out the day. Surrounded by the cold wet shades of 
pink, he sat on the smoldering dead, absorbing their warmth, dealing 
with their silence  for they no longer cried out for justice or mercy 
for that matter   but their eyeless stares consumed him. 

Leave me alone  leave me alone rang chillingly though his memory  and
now he was alone. He had fled  to save them  they had bled when they 
found him.  Hey that almost rhymed  he smiled. 

Now their tears filled the skies and their blood covered the ground. The
green grass was gone, the trees splintered and smashed by their anger,  
had lost their glow. The sky was no longer blue  the skies were no 
longer.  What had been leaves drifted in the wind. 

Yes the wind was still here  -  still his friend. The snows were
irritating  he whispered to his friend. No more drifting snow. That 
was better. Now he could see again. Well, he could see if the light 
would behave. He spoke softly to Mother Earth and to Father Sun. They 
would help  given time  he could not control that. 

He would wait here on the dark cold mound of corpses all through the
longest day and shortest night. That was sad,  too sad. He needed 
something else. What could it be ? 

Then he saw it fluttering in the dawning light, flitting from branch to
branch.  Where ever it landed, the leaves began grow. Large golden 
orange wings,  two black antennae jutting from it's small insect head, 
it's eyes stared back at him. 

Now he was afraid, truly afraid for the first time in years. Because
Nothing could still be alive. Everything had died as he willed it -  
that was his shame.


This is part 3 of a total of 3 parts.
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