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All a lie Pt. 1 (standard:mystery, 644 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: Cooper47Updated: Mar 07 2007Views/Reads: 2579/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Yes, I know. All the stories that i write are in Pts. that is because that i have school and is busy from that alot. so i can only send stories in parts. this is a hopefully 9 part story.

All A lie Pt. 1-hello to Cedar Polk. 

... everything is real, right? Do we exist...? 

RIIIIINNNNG! The sound of the alarm clock sent Cedar up. He shut it off
and got ready for the day, first he brushes his teeth and takes a 
shower, puts on some dry clothes and ate. This happened Monday to 

"Only three more months. ONLY THREE!", Cedar yelled. He was getting
tired of his old rutine. Little did he know that it all would change, 
even his thought of life itself, and his religious ways too (by the 
way, he is not going to worship the devil, or other evil things, I 
wouldn't write that) but that is later on. 

Cedar was around my age-which is 11, give or take a year. He had wavy
golden hair and blue eyes. Not alot of kids liked him, but no one hated 
him either. Just kept to himself most of the time. He LOVED to read, if 
you ever looked at him he was reading. Gary Paulsen was his favorite 

"Hey Mom, good morning", he said at breakfast. 

"Good, that is if you like my oatmeal", she said holding back a faint

"I always love your food, and I think that I tast some apple in it, good
call". They talked a little of everything and then took him to school. 
As you might tell, they were very close. 

"See you after school today Cedar-oh, don't forget to hand in your book
report, your grade couldn't take such a important loss". 

"Okay mom", he answered absentmindedly. 

"Don't forget the gun, we will finally get respect from everyone", said
CJ, Carl Jonson was planning an attack on a school. 

"CJ, they will be sorry that they messed wit us", SMG said- Sam Morgan
Grant, was the helper of CJ. Their story is a bloody one but you have a 
right to know. 

They were step brothers of an abusive dad and a always high mother. At
school they were always bullied, so bad almost every day one got beat 
up so bad that they were covered in blood. The parents didn't care, no 
one did, they were in it for their lives. 

"Come here Carl, don't you ever talk to me that way again", his father
said. As he bent down the father took out a knife. That was it. Carl 
took it from his fathers hands and stabbed him in the chest with it, 
good ol' papi fell to the floor barly alive. 

"That will teach ya", and broke his neck,. Ever since that they killed
who mocked them, but the kids didn't do anything-NOTHING! But, that 
didn't stop them. 

Okay class, talk freely while I grade, but all I ask is don't get out of
control", Mrs. Cay instructed the class. She was a real nice teacher, 
but fair, and didn't take bulling. 

"So Coop, how is it going", Cedar asked, Coop was his best friend, they
were insepreble. 

"Oh, Okay I guess, also I-", a bullet came threw the glass of the

"Class get down!", Mrs. Cay yelled. The next bullet went right passed
Coop. Everyone hid as CJ come threw the window. 

"Good morning class, may I say what a nice day it is outside", CJ said
pleased with himself. 

"Don't you hurt them or God will send you to hell! They did nothing",
Mrs. Cay told him. 

"Get away from my sight", and shot her in the head. 

"Run!!", Coop Yelled when CJ grabbed him and shot him at point blank

"NOOOOO!!!", Cedar said in trama mostly. 

"Shut up", and aimed it right at his chest. 

"Don't", Cedar said. 


"Please don't", He pleaded. 


Shot him in the chest, he fell to the ground with blood pooling around
him, then...blackness.... 

People don't know if they go crazy, do they? 



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