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All a Lie Pt. 2 (standard:mystery, 625 words) [2/4] show all parts
Author: Cooper47Added: Mar 05 2007Views/Reads: 1710/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
he got shot in the heart. the only way to insure his life is to have a heart transplant, only the body rejects the heart

All a Lie Pt.2 

the transplant. 

"How long", Cedars mother asked the doctor. 

"On a guess, he will be dead-one mabey two days after he wakes, and that
will be around a few hours", Dr. Liner told his mother. 

"Oh, God no, isn't there anything you can do", she pleaded. 

"Not unless someone dies in the next few hours with-what blood type is
he again". 

"A/B positive". 

"Wow, that is really rare. I will guess that only three more people in
the town would fit that. I am sorry, oh, I forgot, how has he been 
doing with James' death", James was Cedar's father, he got caught in a 
drive by seven months ago. 

"Just stoped cryin'". 

Okay, when Cedar was shot it pearced one of the chambers of the heart,
normaly they could patch it up and send him on his way, but it tore it 
to peices. Now the heart is overworking itself to exaustion, and will 
give out soon. Oh, I almost forgot, sorry, Dr. Liner and Cedar's Mom 
were very good friends. So that is how they know eachother 

Ash (Cedar's mom) went to the police station after her visit with Dr.
Liner and got a little radio that had police frequency, that way she 
could hear if anyone died. They also promised that they would check if 
any of them had A/B positive. "Thanks so much". She said as she left. 

Two hours later Ash sat by the radio and her son listening very close to
the sound of his breathing and the radio-when it happened. 

His teacher was being checked for blood when, it was A/B positive! "Okay
we are on a time frame here, we have a hour or so to get a team 
together that knows how to do a heart transplant, NOW!". 

Okay, how many steps to the other side of the waiting room, Ash said as
the surgry was being done, 55, wow that was more than I expected, this 
place is so tiny. 

Everything was going good, not too much blood was lost, even the heart
fit accordingly, but there was one true problem, the body rejected the 

"There is no way someone will die in less than 30 minutes", Dr. Liner
said almost ready to wash up, only minutes waiting. 

"I've got it, that other kid Cooper, we could use his heart, even though
that is a B positive, we could drain the blood of him now and replace 
it with Cooper's blood and heart and we will have him back", a surgan 

"Okay but there is one problem with your theroy", Dr, Liner told him
rather blankly. 


"Phisics, he could suffer loads of brain damage". 

"It is a risk we will have to take". 

So, it was settled, but they had close to no time, not to mention that
no one had ever tried such a stupid trick. But no other choice was 
avalible other than to watch him die slowly. 

Okay, I will be honest, I am only 11, and know nothing of surgry and
that, so i will skip the details okay? 

Well, they drained him and replaced the blood and the heart, first all
you could hear is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, but then 
very, VARY, faintly a beepbeep, beepbeep, and it got stronger and 
stronger, one of the most crazy surgerys was compleat, the whole team 
got noble peace prizes. 

They told Cedar what all had happened when he woke up but one question
remained: how much brain damage, only around 10%. but that 10% would 
change his life. 

"Who's heart is in me now?" 

"Um, Swettie, Coop's", Cedar almost threw up, his own friend inside of
him, very frightning thought. 

Something was diffrent inside of him. 



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