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All a Lie Pt.3 (standard:mystery, 419 words) [3/4] show all parts
Author: Cooper47Added: Mar 06 2007Views/Reads: 1577/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
he has a hallucination for the first time-or does he?

All a Lie 


The Hallucination 

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!! The alarm woke him up for the first day out of the
hospital. His heart-wait no, Coop's heart racing as he got up, a slight 
pain from the stiches as he moved-just as Dr. Liner said would happen. 
He was issued to stay bed-rested for 72 hours after release of the 
hospital, but it felt so good to get around and moving. 

It was real quite, like it was when his father died. Oh, the memories
still in his mind, vivid, THERE. 

He and his dad were going to McDonald's for a burgur in the middle of
summer. All he could remember was, it was HOT. Like 112*, and he 
couldn't wait to get the burgur, he had a thing for them. When a few 
shots were herd. It had scared him a little but not too much, but they 
were loud and all the sudden he sagged,"Dad? Are you oka-", the car 
veered to the left and fliped over. It was assumed he hit the weel when 
he died and crashed the car. Only one person was classified as the 
killer: CJ. 

He went outside to look to see if Ashley (You see, her nickname is Ash,
but here real name is Ashley) was out there. Sometimes she would be out 
there-sittings, just sitting, listing to the wind in the leaves. There 
she was, at the corner...holding a knife. he ran to her when he tripped 
and fell. He knew that it would happen if he fell. His stiches rippped. 
Blood started comming out again. 

"Mom", he said feebly. 

"Cedar! What are you doing? Are you hallucinating", and he was on the
floor of the hospital room. 

"Where am I". 

"You were shouting Mom! MOM! and tripped over your IV and fell, we know
you wern't dreaming". 

His mind raced, Who am I? Where am I? 

He was walking down the hallway talking to his mom, on the way to the TV

"I told you, it is against the law to drive a camel on the highway",
Ashley said. 


"You asked if I knew a weird law", she said. 

"How did I get here, I was sitting in my hospital room bleedin' and now
we are walking down this hallway. Are we still in the hospital", and 
that question lengered, Who am I? 

He had a blackout, where you can't recall what happened in a period of
time. Very frightning subject. 

Am I going crazy, he asked himself.


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