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Why? (standard:romance, 20903 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: liy88Updated: Oct 27 2007Views/Reads: 1948/1341Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Rhian doesn't need anything else in the world as long as Trey was around. But when events occurred that was beyond her will, could she cope with the changes and move one?

Chapter One: Why Do You Love Her More? 

If I walked down the street and saw a pregnant woman, I wished I have
the courage to walk up to her and ask her if her baby is going to be a 
girl or a boy. And after she answered my question, I would question her 
again; whether the baby she was carrying have a sibling of the similar 
gender that was born right before him or her. And again if she 
answered, I prayed with all my heart that the answer would be ĎNoí. Cos 
I donít think itís fair for any one to put two individuals that is of 
the same gender, and came from the same womb, side by side. No matter 
what you did, you would end up favoring one more than the other. And 
the lesser one would have to take the crap. 

How did I know this theory so well? Because it was proven right in every
single day of my life. Distance was not a factor at all. It didnít 
matter if she was sitting right beside me or in a college thousand of 
miles away. As soon as I gazed into his eyes, I could see the love he 
felt for her. As soon as I stood next to him, I could hear his each 
single breath saying out her name. As soon as I touched his hands, I 
could feel the pride he reserved for her. And I knew it very well that 
I could never reach that place in his heart that was fenced for her. I 
could only look on the inside but never could I cross over and be able 
to dance in the wonder of being an equal. His eyes were only for her 
and her only. I was just another offspring that was unnecessary but 

Who was I blabbering about? It was none other than my sister, Calista
Sanders, the apple of my Dadís eye, I might add. With her around, the 
smile on his face would be enough to power the whole town during the 
Christmas season. With her around, I could be standing naked and 
running up and down the street and he would not even bat an eyelid. 
With her around... Actually, even without her around, I could do most 
things that I wanted and he wouldnít even care. Why? Ever since young, 
I was not important to him. I would do the most ridiculous things in 
the world and he would just bail me out without batting a single 
eyelid. Not because he cared, he just allowed me to get off the hook so 
that he wouldnít need to be wasting his precious time disciplining me 
when he could be using those minutes to worship his beloved daughter. I 
had done the worst things that I could think of and I had gotten scot 
free, time after time. And I kept doing them over and over again but 
still, I had gotten the same results. Dad was never proud or 
disappointed by me. He just had no feelings at all. I had been 
completely locked out of his heart and like I have mentioned, he had 
only room for one daughter. The daughter which he would discipline 
firmly at the slightest mistake that she made. Once, he went berserk 
when Calista stepped into a party that was on a rowdy side. The only 
reason she was there was because my friend called her up to pick me up. 
I had a glass too many that night and was unable to get myself home but 
as soon as both of us stepped into the front door, he did not yell or 
scream his head of at me who was puking all over the flower beds. 
Instead, he grabbed Calista by the arm and demanded that she was not to 
ever step into that kind of place for the rest of her life. Oh wait, he 
did leave the door open for me to catch a grip on myself and climb my 
sorry ass back to bed. 

All I wanted from him was to care. To care about me enough that he felt
that I should be taken into hand. I wanted him to slap me right across 
my face and scream at me to grow up and to stop disappointing him. He 
never did it. And I am brilliant enough to understand that he never 


Donít misunderstand me. My relationship with Calista was better than
most of other girls my age would have with her siblings. Calista was a 
wonderful sister; taking care of me as and when she could and making 
sure I grew up to be a proper person. She was an angel, not only to 
Dadís eyes but also to mine. Growing up, we never had a typical mother 
that ran the household so I had always gazed on Calista as my mother. 

Calista had sun kissed blond hair and deep blue eyes. Without the
streaks in her hair, the blond would be an exact same shade as Dadís 
hair. She was like a twenty years younger female version of Dad. 
Beautiful in a breathtaking way, great personality and a kind heart 
that could make one feel fuzzy all night long. Me, I was a carbon copy 

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