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Why? Part 2. (standard:romance, 49007 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: liy88Added: Oct 27 2007Views/Reads: 1392/1137Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Part 2.

Chapter Six: Why The Sudden Tug In The Heart? 

“Thanks for volunteering by the way,” I muttered sarcastically as Shane
and I loaded boxes filled with some medical supplies into the trunk of 
my Mini Cooper. It was a humid summer day and my mood was plummeting 
with every passing second. We had to deliver the supplies to Croton 
Falls Hospital which was about a three-hour drive away and I was the 
one who would be driving the entire way. 

“Hey, what’s wrong with a little road trip?” Shane chuckled and I

“Road trip consists of fun and others who can drive if I ever get
tired,” I pointed out and slammed the trunk shut. “This is just a 

He had the decency to grin and I almost ripped his head off. “Wipe the
smirk, idiot,” I fumed and reached into the pocket of my jeans to fish 
out my car keys but they weren’t where I last left them. “Look, I’m 
sorry for agreeing to help it out. If you’re really mad about this I’ll 
get someone else to come with me,” he apologised. I ignored him and 
kept searching for my keys. “Where the hell are they?” I cursed and dug 
my fingers as deep as I could into my pockets to find them. 

“Looking for this?” Shane asked as he dangled the set of keys in front
of my face. I grabbed them from him but it blamed it on my bad luck 
when those damn keys bounced off my hands, onto the ground and 
underneath my car. I screamed in frustration before getting down on my 
knees and scanning for the keys. Shane said something to me that I 
could not comprehend. “What?” I yelled back at him. He repeated 
whatever he was saying but I still could not hear him but I managed to 
find the keys. I stood up to face him but he turned me around, lifting 
slightly the back of my tank top. “Who’s Trey?” he asked, running his 
fingers across the tattoo on the small of my back. I never anticipated 
that it would happen but his touch sent goosebumps up my arms although 
it was sweltering hot. And the goosebumps stayed for a while. I blushed 
instantly, which I thanked god he did not noticed at all since he 
himself was red in the face because of the heat. 

“He’s my boyfriend,” I answered, heading towards the driver seat and
slipped in. 

“I didn’t know you had one,” he commented as he got into the seat next
to me just as soon as the cold air from the air con hit my face. “I 
guess the others were right.” 

“What others?” 

“Those from school,” he supplied. “They mentioned that you have a
boyfriend back in NYC.” I guessed people did talk about everybody and I 
did not escape from the gossip. “Yeah, they’re right,” I said simply. 
“I do have one from New York.” 

“How long have you guys been together?” he inquired. 

“About three years.” 

Shane whistled appreciatively. “That’s a long time, especially for our

“For others maybe,” I replied. “But it’s kind of cool.” Cool? My
relationship with him was not just cool. It was great. It was 
unbelievable. It was awesome. It was exciting. It was a whole lot more 
than just cool. My head began to pound and I was glad that he kept 
quiet after that so that I could think to myself. Ever since He and I 
were together, I seldom talked about our relationship to anyone else, 
even Calista. We went to parties as a couple, talked to the people 
there but we never went on group dates with other couples. When hung 
out with his friends, I seldom tagged along like his other friends’ 
girlfriends. It was like our relationship was exclusive, meant only for 
us. All Calista knew about him was that he was a guy that I kept 
seeing. She pressured me from time to time to divulge things about our 
relationship to her, like she always did with hers but I never swayed. 
It was like an unspoken pact between us that we only wanted to be 
together; just us only without the rest of the world disturbing our 

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