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Falling love (standard:drama, 1072 words)
Author: ZethAdded: Feb 05 2008Views/Reads: 2056/1279Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short story about a man forced to break up with his girl, because her dad forced him to. tragic...

Falling love 

A short story by Seth Horn. 

Tears started to well up in her eyes, “Don't say that, I love you”, she
said despertly. 

“I'm sorry, but we, we just don't have much in common. I am so sorry”,
James said. 

I HATE HIM, WE WERE SUCH A GOOD COUPLE”, he thought to himself. It was
all her father's fault, he didn't think that James was very 
responsible, he thought that he was a lazy high school drop-out (He 
quit school to help cover the rent of the appartment he and his mother 
lived in). The dad threatened to file a ristraining order if he didn't 
end it with Jane. 

“Yeah, right”, she sobbed, she ripped the ring that was givin to her by
James a couple monthes ago, for their six month aniversiry, “Take your 
fucking ring back. GO HOME!” She ran into her house, sobbing. 

He was stuck with this stupid look on his face, he picked up the SIX
HUNDRED DOLLOR ring, and just stood there. Tears also forming in her 
eyes. All of the sudden, the screen door barged open and a angry dad 
stormed out. You could feel the anger radiating off of his skin. He 
charged at James holding a wooden baseball bat. 

“You hurt her! GET OUT OF HERE”, he yelled holding the bat menecingly. 

James was still dazed from the break-up, all of the sudden, a wooden bat
swung withen inches from his face. James backed up a few steps. “But I 
love her”, James said, almost crying himself. 

“No! You hate her”. He said, in a attemped to brainwash him. James
didn't hear, he was to busy running away, unable to hold onto the 


The leaves had all fallen from the trees, the coolness had not turned
harsh yet. James and his friend were in the New York café, appropiatley 
named. They were in central New York. It was raining lightly, enough to 
make a peacefull situation. 

James' friend was trying to make James feel better, the only way he
could think of that was to slam Jane, “You know what, that girl”, 
trying not to say here name, “she got fired at her job, I think she 
deserves it. Treating you like that”. 

Playing along, “Yeah, I'm too good for her.” They both slipped on their
coffe and listend to the news, not really paying attention. 

“Dow, is 6.04... BREAKING NEWS! Lady on the edge of skyscraper,
threatining to jump, more news after the break. 

In a mix of did and you, James' friend started the sentence with, “Dou
think that she'll jump?” 

“I don't know, What I wonder is, how the hell did she get up there?”
Just then the news popped back on. 

“During the break it was informed that she threw a paper down with this
writen on it: ‘No one cares about me, I am a waste to human socitey, 
God have mercy on my soul', The police have idenifided her as a Jane 
Livingston - “ That was all he herd, he jumped into his car and drove 
off, leaving his friend at the café. 

Disreguarding the speed limit, James sped down 112th street heading to a
80 storey building, wich Jane was standing apon. All the radio stations 
were brodcasting it. Not every day someone wants to jump off a 
building. She is threating that if anyone comes up, she will jump. He 
is worried sick. 

He saw blue and red lights shine in his rear-veiw mirror. “SHIT” he
cursed. He stuck his hand out the window and did a wave-like thing, 

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