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Castle In The Clouds, Chapters 25 & 26 (standard:drama, 2219 words) [13/21] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: Apr 09 2010Views/Reads: 1166/766Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The new butler returns and Veronica perceives she is a prisoner within the castle. Veronica is offered help by Dorothea, but can she trust her?

Chapter Twenty Five 

'Goodbye, Thomas, safe journey -' Veronica placed a kiss on Llewellyn's
cheek, avoiding his lips while Llewellyn, visibly trembling, clutched 
her hands. 'Take care my precious and keep safe  Dawson will provide 
for your welfare.' 

'Thomas, I have told you  nobody provides for my welfare -' but
Veronica's words were lost on the high wind as Llewellyn and Dawson 
descended the slope towards the pony and trap waiting at the bottom. 
She watched Dawson assist Llewellyn into the trap and as he waved 
enthusiastically, she caught the butler's cold, hard stare. 

Dawson will provide for your welfare, the implications of that remark
were unmistakable, even her composure had been breached recently and 
now, as the wind lashed hair across her face with such force it stung 
and as it blew so hard she struggled to keep her balance, she 
contemplated her days, her nights in the castle under the auspices of 
this belligerent man. It was for Gibbings that she stayed to try to see 
her objective through, though now she felt her determination waver. 

She stood at the castle entrance, waited until the trap joined the main
track and then stepped inside. The hall, vast in its comparison with 
the smaller rooms that characterised the building, now exuded an air of 
intimidation. It had swept in with Dawson's arrival and solidified the 
previous evening when Llewellyn's unstable nature had finally become 
apparent to her, sending alarm bells tolling loudly within. 

Truthfully Veronica had never known fear; not even the shipwreck had
caused the trepidation that had manifested itself in her being, 
spreading like a germ, embedding itself in the fabric of the castle so 
that it enveloped her whole existence. She'd been completely immersed 
in her own confidence, unprepared for the effects of developments such 
as these. But the compulsion to take flight to the mainland was 
something she would fight stubbornly against. 

She was proceeding through the castle, taking the stone steps to the
first floor landing,entirely preoccupied with her own malaise, when 
Dorothea emerged from her room, the hem of her corseted pink dress 
swirling like a snake around her ankles as she stopped abruptly, 
appearing to block her path. 

Veronica's first inclination was to square her shoulders, drive her
strong body straight through Dorothea, sweeping her aside, such was her 

But Dorothea's appearance became unusually placid, her dark eyes lacked
their usual malevolence, and even her voice lacked acidity when she 
spoke. She seemed to sense Veronica's intentions, raising her hand, 'No 
Veronica stop, I need to speak with you; inside my room if you please. 
Do not charge me aside, I implore you.' 

Veronica swung to her right, curtailing her momentum, drawing alongside
Dorothea, opposite her door. 'What have you got to say that is worth 
listening to  do not try my patience, I am warning you -' 

Dorothea stretched an arm. 'Please Veronica, step through  I promise I
will not hit you from behind.' 

Veronica sighed, brushed past Dorothea  'You would be foolish even to

'As I have found out at my own expense  please, take a chair.' 

Veronica took a seat in a finely crafted, high - backed Queen Anne
chair, her eyes fixed on Dorothea as she sat at her desk, turning her 
chair to face her. 

'You may think I'm many things, Veronica  a many horned beast perhaps 
you might think I'm mad  yes I can tell by your eyes that you do  but 
I can tell you this, my brother far exceeds me in that respect  and 
though he has endeavoured to conceal his ugly side from you, I surmise 
by your fatigued appearance that you have finally deduced as much.' 

The lids dropped over Dorothea's hawkish eyes momentarily. 'You finally

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