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Castle In The Clouds, Chapters 27 & 28 (standard:drama, 2805 words) [14/21] show all parts
Author: Brian CrossAdded: May 13 2010Views/Reads: 1189/817Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If Veronica Day needed any proof that she is a prisoner in the castle awaiting Llewelyn's return, she has it now. But help is at hand from an unlikely source.Continuation of my drama,'Castle In The Clouds'.

Chapter Twenty Seven 

Gibbings waited in the rain, he waited for an hour as a steady stream
poured from the hood of his dark cape, his few possessions packed in a 
bag deposited at his feet, before finally accepting that Veronica 
wasn't coming. 

Following his revelations to her, his anxiety at leaving the island had
dissolved into some kind of foolish hope that this beautiful woman who 
he secretly admired could somehow lead him to a better life, enabling 
him to fully provide for his daughter Alexandra. Now that hope had been 

But as he'd stood there hunched from the rain, his feelings had taken a
strange turn - he'd begun to wonder whether Veronica hadn't changed her 
mind, whether something or someone within the castle had changed it for 
her - wonder had turned into apprehension, an outright concern, an 
inner foreboding that he couldn't understand but nonetheless 

He glanced across the field to the drawing room window where so often
he'd been aware of shadowy figures watching, but now there wasn't a 
soul. The castle seemed closed around a woman he now thought he loved, 
but that he could become aware of as much in the hour he'd stood there 
was something he couldn't comprehend. Perhaps the feeling had always 
existed but he'd fought against it, on account of her background. 

Now what did he do? Charge the castle, confront the big butler Dawson
and force him to let Veronica go? If indeed he was holding her against 
her will. 

But if he failed he might make things worse for her - surely at the
moment no harm could befall Veronica. Mr. Llewellyn wouldn't want that 
- and yet she had said that he wasn't sane, and Dawson was a nasty man 
who'd carry out whatever he wanted. 

Gibbings decided then that he wouldn't go to the castle - not yet - he'd
seek out Mr. Hambleton at the inn, he would know what to do - 

Gibbings scooped up his bag, hoisted it onto his shoulder and set out
for the inn. 

*                                *                              * 

A single rap on the door heralded Dawson's uninvited entry into
Veronica's room. 

Unsmiling, he crossed close to her, outstretching an arm. 'Your coat
madam - I will see that it is dried.' 

'Really, Dawson, it will dry of its own accord,' Veronica said stiffly. 

'I insist.' He snatched her coat from the stand. 

'You do not have my consent to remove my clothing Dawson.' Veronica
raised her hand slightly, stared into uncompromising grey eyes. 

Dawson ignored her, taking large strides to the door as Veronica bit her
lip, holding back her rising temper. 'Madam,' he said upon reaching it, 
'your permission is not required. I have Mr. Llewellyn's authority to 
ensure that your comfort and safety are respected at all times.' 

'I have already advised Mr. Llewellyn -' 

'Those are his instructions to me,' Dawson interrupted brusquely. 

'Then would you care to enlighten me, as to how far this authority

'Wherever it is necessary to enforce it,' the gravel voice was
unyielding, flat and with a hint of warning. 

'I dislike the word "enforce." Veronica came slowly forward, hands on
hips; 'In effect I am a prisoner within these walls, is that it, 

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