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Days Drag (standard:drama, 1206 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Oct 01 2010Views/Reads: 2142/1086Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A freshman girl [Annalee Sanders] has to find her way to popularity and the perfect boyfriend. She also has to balance out boyfriend time with famiy and friend time. She must steer clear of the popular meanie of the school as they battle for the same posi

Chapter 1 SCHOOL 

On a Monday morning Annalee Sanders' alarm clock rang at six a.m. sharp.
Annalee sprung out of bed and flew into the bathroom. After she 
relieved herself she brushed her teeth thoroughly. Then she skipped to 
her walk-in closet. She switched on her smooth silver radio to her 
favorite Taylor Swift CD. Annalee quickly browsed her tops. She found a 
nice sky blue flowy one that had a big daisy on it. She then pulled on 
her favorite long skirt that was lavendar and matched the top 
perfectly. After that she threw on those blush pink flip-flops that are 
sort-of dressy, yet comfy. She glanced at the time, and waltzed over to 
her vanity. 

Just after she picked up her hair brush her mother yelled up; "Honey,
c'mon you will be late for your first day of high school!" Though 
Annalee couldn't hear her over her favorite song 'Hey Steven.' Annalee 
chose her pearl jewelry set which incudes: earrings, a necklace, a 
bracelet and an anklet. When she turn'ed off her radio she realized 
that it was ten-to-seven thirty! Which is when she had to be at school! 
Annalee rushed downstairs, her mother Carlene pacing in the kitchen, 
constantly checking the time. 

"Where have you been?" she questioned. "I was upstairs," replied Annalee
casually, "Well next time I tell you to hurry up, LISTEN!" Carlene 
scolded. Annalee was so confused, so she pushed past her mother,and 
grabbed a granola bar. It was then they heard a car horn. "That's my 
ride!" said Annalee, she shoved the granola bar in her mouth. "Wait a 
minute, who is driving you?" stalled her mom, "Jeez,mom chill,it's just 
Barbara, the BFF you've known forever!" she replied "Oh,OK," said her 
mom. "Bye!" Annalee yelled out the door. 

Annalee and Barbara were off to their first day of high school.
Annalee's nerves tingled as they drove into the Brickwood High parking 
lot. They saw three farmiliar cars parked in a row; six people waiting 
beside them, waiting for Annalee and Barbara to take the open spot next 
in line.When they parked, they saw Shayna and Sierra by one car, Laura 
and Claudia by another, and Tianna and Olivia by the last one. Ahhh, 
the great FGP. (Fabulous Girl Posse) They all got re-aqquainted. Then, 
they went inside. They dropped each other off at their new lockers. 
When the remains of Annalee's friends (Barbara, Laura and Tianna) 
dropped her off at her locker, Laura gasped, Barbara almost had a heart 
attack, and Tianna fainted, I (Annalee) just stood there frozen, 
staring at the locker next to mine. 

When Laura caught her breath, she said: "I can't BELIEVE you got a
locker next to hottie-Lamottie- with-the-model's-body!" "Eh,em!" 
coughed Barbara loudly, "you mean J-A-M-E-S," she corrected, "Ya, gotta 
go, see you later!" rushed Laura. "Oh great," Annalee sort-of secretly 
groaned, "What?" asked Barbara, "Jan," Annalee whined, "she's going out 
with James and her locker is on the other side of his!" Annalee 
finished, "Meaning..." asked Barbara, "Meaning I can't flirt him!" 
Annalee half-yelled but just loud enough that EVERYONE could hear. 

Annalee wanted to die of emadbarrasment, or faint like Tianna. "Bye!"
Barbara whispered in Annalee's ear, then sped off to her locker. 
"Hello!" said Annalee to the rest of the people still staring at her. 
"Tianna!" she gasped, just remembering her friend had just fainted. She 
rushed to her side, struggling to lift her up to get her to the nurse's 
office. "Here, let me help you," offered a heavenly voice, Annalee 
looked up to see James smiling down at her, "Actually, it's okay, I've 
got it," saved Annalee, worrying Tianna might faint again at the sight 
of him leaning over her when she woke up. 

When Annalee passed Olivia's locker, Olivia gasped and grabbed Tianna's
legs to help carry her to the nurse. when Tianna woke up, to Annalee's 
horror, her baffled words were: "Heart,Annalee,James-" she trailed off 
and stared straight ahead, "I'll give her some Zoner," said the nurse, 
now bustling about in her drawers. "Zoner?" asked Annalee, "It's a 
medicine to snap you out of something," replied the nurse, "Ah," 
understood Annalee. As soon as Tianna swallowed the medicine she said: 
"Hi guys, why aren;t you in homeroom? And why am I in here?" "You 
fainted," were the only two words Olivia had to speak. When 

When Annalee got to homeroom, her teacher, Mrs.Collins said: "Annalee
I've seated you over there with Patrick, James, and Jan." Could this 

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