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Evil Resides Here (standard:fairy tales, 1784 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: BurnUpdated: Apr 25 2012Views/Reads: 1650/1021Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
They say that good triumphs evil, but what if I told you they were wrong? What if I told you back in my time, in my days...


“They say that good triumphs evil, but what if I told you they were
wrong? What if I told you that in my time, in my days, there was no 
hero's because they were all killed? What if I told you that refusal to 
do as you were told would result in death without trial? What if I said 
that families were separated by huge walls and you couldn't get to see 

Imagine a world full of restrictions and rules. Imagine seven different
districts under the rule of the same over lord, but they were all 
pitted against one another. To one that was sane this would seem 
ridiculous, but that's just what he wants you to think. The over lord 
was using us as pawn in his game, and rebellion would mean instant 
death. Yet, if you play his game you're forced to kill your own family 
separated into different districts. These events are called the 
Harvesting. Any one that was triumphant would be whisked off to 
District Seven; a place where only the “noble” went. Only the clean 
were allowed here. Any children that managed to survive the Harvesting 
would be adopted out, and all memory of their past would be gone. 

Yes, wiped away. 

If you're reading this now heed my warning. The contents in this tale
are not for the faint of heart. These words are true, or at least as 
true as I remember them. The events are real. I have the scars to prove 
that the war really happened. I have the proof that blood was shed. If 
you're reading this, I am alive and well. We won the war. If you're 
not, then I suppose I failed. 

I write these events down not for glory, or fame. My sole purpose is to
show those who didn't lead the life my people did how well they had it. 
To prosper, one man had to rise, and light the way. He had to be 
strong, capable, and fearless. He had to be cunning, but kind as well. 
One man had to lead the assault against District Seven, and shed blood 
of family members that no longer remembered him. 

That man was me. “ 

Chapter one: Sweet dreams 

I had been dreaming of my day with my mother, and sister. They were the
only family I had left. My three older brothers' and father were 
separated from us. They were forced into District one; the poorest 
district around. We live in District Five. It wasn't a glamorous life, 
but we had things better off than others. Anyway, back to my dream. My 
sister was ten, I was only six. I was not old enough to be forced into 
the Harvesting, but old enough to know any day now my sister could be 
picked next. 

So, I was nice. I tried not to quarrel with her because I didn't want my
last memory of her to be yelling at me. Mom took us into the wild 
fields to picnic, and play without so many restrictions. I was in the 
middle of my sweet dreams when pounding on the door woke me up. I 
blinked a few times, yawned, and rubbed my eyes. At first, I wasn't 
worried about it. My mom was one of the healers, and calls came 

Yet, the sound of the door crashing to the ground startled me out of
bed. I knew I wasn't big enough to do anything, but I was the man of 
the house. It was my responsibility as well as duty to protect my 
mother, and sister. I crept toward the staircase, and stole a glance at 
the scene unfolding in the kitchen. There were three soldiers, and my 
mom was weeping hysterically. One guard stepped forward, and demanded 
to know where my sister was. I pinned him as the leader. 

My heart was thudding in my chest as I leaned in closer to hear the
conversation better. However, as I did so the board under me creaked 
precariously, and all three soldiers looked up at me. My breath caught 
in my throat as I stared at their eyes. The might as well have been 
serpentine eyes. The leader said something and both guards began to 
come for me. I began to back away, but I saw enough to know that my 
mother had stepped in their path to protect me. 

The leader laughed harshly, and brought the butt of the spear crashing

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