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The Gul'dan Chronicles (standard:Fan Fiction, 5214 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: C BashaUpdated: Mar 06 2004Views/Reads: 3480/2311Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based in the Star Wars Universe, but dealing with new characters, not the traditional heroes. A young padawan who can only see using the Force has his first mission on Coruscant.

This story is based on the world, owned by George Lucas.  I use the
names of the Star Wars world completely without permission. This work 
of fiction cannot be sold, reproduced or copied without the express 
written consent of the author.  As this is also my first fictional 
work, I would like to have serious feedback to this story.  I am 
working on a second part, and more may be coming in the near future. 


Trevor Gul'dan paced nervously in his sparse room.  It was not his
nature to show nervousness in any form; the tension in his neck was 
annoying him.  Trevor turned his vision towards the window looking out 
on Coruscant.  His room in the Jedi Temple faced the southern sky, so 
he had more light than most of the Padawans in the temple at the time.  
His master, Shudo Laan, a Jedi Master of the Anx race, needed to have 
one of the larger rooms in the temple, and preferred the southern sky.  
Trevor was extremely happy for this, as the sun on his face always made 
him feel warm and comforted. 

Trevor turned his thoughts back to when Master Shudo had chosen him to
be his Padawan fifteen years ago.  It was rare that a Miraluka was 
chosen to be a Jedi Padawan.  As was the rest of his race, his eye 
sockets did not exist.  Instead the Force provided his sight.  He was 
more sensitive to the Force because of this.  And because of this, his 
last mission two months ago had gotten him caught in a world with 
ysalamiri, a creature that created voids in the Force.  It was the most 
scared that he had been in his entire life.  Most of the time, Trevor 
had to adjust his sight to see things that most people take for 
granted.  When he lost his sight, he learned how to walk, and 'see' 
things again with out the Force.  For two weeks, he survived in the 
forests of Myrkr with only his wits.  He shivered, as he remembered the 
sound of the vornskrs hunting him when he got his sight back. 

A sudden 'bing-bong' from the door announcer shook Trevor out of his
trance.  'Odd,' thought Trevor.  'Who could that be?'  He turned his 
Force-sight towards the door, and the shape of Master Shudo stood 
directly outside.  Trevor stood and walked towards the door, knowing 
that using the Force to open a door inside the Temple was very bad 
manners.  Trevor opened the door, and stepped outside. 

"Good morning, Master Shudo," spoke Trevor, bowing in greeting and

"Good morning, Trevor," whispered Laan, nodding in return. "Are you well
this morning, my young Padawan?  You look a bit pale."  All Anx have a 
natural ability to know the anatomy of other species, so the tall Jedi 
did not surprise his padawan with the question. 

"Sorry, Master, I was thinking about Myrkr again.  I was trying to
meditate some to remove the fear that I felt." 

"Fear is good, Trevor.  You should remember your fear, but never be
fearful of it." 

Trevor's lips turned up slightly.  It sounded just like Master Yoda's
teachings, and Trevor couldn't resist ribbing his Master just a little. 
"Been reading up on Master Yoda's teachings recently?  You are starting 
to sound like him."  His grin grew bigger. 

Shudo's coloring changed from purple to yellow, humor.  "No, my young
student.  Just trying to keep your spirits up." 

"Thank you, Master.  You have done a very good job of it.  I'm sure that
my humor is not why you stopped by." 

"No, as a matter of fact, it was not.  I require you to ready yourself
for a mission." 

Trevor's eye-patch raised itself slightly.  He had not been on a mission
in three months, and he was silently wondering if he was ready.  "I 
only need a few moments, Master.  Can you recommend anything about my 

"Nothing much, Padawan.  We are not leaving the planet." 

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