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Guldan Chronicles - Chapter 2 (standard:Fan Fiction, 6649 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: C BashaAdded: Mar 06 2004Views/Reads: 2737/1950Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is part two of a multi-part story I have undertaken. Our young hero is about to go on another mission. The Star Wars Universe is owned by LucasFilm and the characters are my own.

The Coruscant moons were blanketed by thunderclouds for the first time
in a month.  Storms on Coruscant were an infrequent occurrence due to 
the weather control systems in place.  However, since no system was 
ever truly perfect, storms cropped up from time to time on the 
planet-city.  'Sure.  Tonight just happens to have a storm over the 
Jedi Temple,' Trevor noted.  It had been a rough couple of weeks for 
the Miraluka Jedi padawan.  Master Shudo Laan had changed his training 
schedule to include diplomatic situations, negotiations, and a few 
other topics that a Jedi might need in various missions.  Trevor had 
distinguished himself during their last mission guarding Senator Oron 
Essada from Umgul, negating the need for the structured lightsaber 
training he was normally involved with.  These new lessons were 
certainly interesting, if given enough time to study and understand 
them; however Master Shudo required the answers on the fly rather than 
through careful study as Trevor preferred.  Shudo explained the nuances 
of negotiations and required Trevor to know the answers five seconds 
after the question.  It was certainly a different task, and Trevor 
worked hard since the change, taking extra studying time at the Jedi 
Archives each night, trying to get ahead.  He even used his enhanced 
Jedi senses to gauge what the correct answer should be.  Trevor knew 
Master Shudo was trying to get something into his head, and figured 
that this would keep Trevor in balance. 

The Archive's chronometer showed 9:15 PM.  Trevor's studying had caused
him to miss dinner for a third time that week.  His friends had been 
giving Trevor some grief over the missed meals, but it was something 
they all did.  Many of his clan, students placed together upon arrival 
at the Jedi Temple, usually dined with each other as a way of having 
time away from their instructors, and to foster friendships, very 
similar to a family unit.  Since the change to his training schedule, 
any extra study time was necessary to complete his assignments and 
Trevor felt that his friends were getting the short end of the stick.  
Trevor stretched, gazing out the windows, using his Force-sight to view 
the cityscape.  Lightning flashed across the sky, causing Trevor to 
start at the sudden rumble of thunder from outside the window.  Trevor 
tidied up his files and datapads, returned his reference material to 
Madame Jocasta Nu and headed to the nearest cafeteria where he hoped 
there would still be some morsels lying around.  He exited the Archives 
into the central stairway and turbolift center.  He walked towards the 
nearest lift and punched the call button.  As the doors opened, Trevor 
was surprised to see Master Shudo standing inside, waiting, it seemed, 
for him to enter. 

"Good evening, Master." Trevor acknowledged. 

"Good evening, Trevor.  Been studying hard?" queried the tall Jedi

"Yes, I have.  Your assignment on the treaty between the early Rodian
refugees and the Jawas on Tatooine is exceedingly difficult to 
decipher.  Especially since you set the archives to ban me from 
referencing any interspecies treaties and associated texts." 

"Yes..." Shudo seemed to be involved with another thought. 

"Credit for your thoughts, Master?" Trevor inquired. 

The turbolift stopped and both exited into the main cafeteria.  They
moved to one side of the hall, out of earshot from anyone else. Shudo 
leaned forward to Trevor, and whispered, "I am going on a mission.  It 
will take me away from Coruscant for up to two weeks.  There is a trade 
issue between the Verpines and the Kubaz." 

The species were familiar to Trevor from his studies.  The Kubaz were a
humanoid race with a head shaped similar to an anteater and ate 
insects.  The Verpine were an insectoid race known for their 
technological innovations. 

“The Verpine recently intercepted a suspicious Kubaz freighter carrying
rare meats into Huttspace,” Shudo explained, shaking his head slightly. 
 “Unfortunately, several of the meats bear a disturbing resemblance to 
some missing Verpine.” 

Trevor winced and nodded to Shudo in acknowledgement of the situation. 
"When do we leave, Master?" Trevor quipped. 

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