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Star Trek TOS: Ruse Chapter Four - "Into the Breach" (standard:Fan Fiction, 2402 words) [5/10] show all parts
Author: KirkAdded: Aug 06 2006Views/Reads: 2477/1901Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Four Starships cross the Neutral Zone.

Star Trek: Ruse Copyright 2004 

Chapter Four - "Into the Breach" 

“Captain's Personal Log, Stardate, 1730.8. I have completed the tour of
my vessel, and while spirits are high, I can't shake the feeling that 
the next 24 hours will be our last.” 


At 06:45, Kirk entered the bridge. All stations were already manned by
the Alpha shift. Kirk asked for a status report from around the room. 
All indicated that the systems were operating and all lights showed 

“Mr. Scott?” said Kirk. 

“Aye, Sir,” replied Scotty from his engineering station by the turbo

“Start charging all the energizers and reserves. Charge all weapon banks
as well,” stated Kirk, to his chief engineer. 

Mr. Scott punched several buttons on his console, and a low hum could be
heard coming from the bowels of the ship as the warp engines came 
on-line. The hum became louder and increased in pitch, as the focused 
power of matter and anti-matter ran through the new dilithium crystals, 
charging all the ships reserves. Scott called down to his first mate in 
engineering and received an, ‘all green', status report. 

“All systems charging, Sir. Reserves will be fully charged in four
minutes,” replied Scott, pleased with his staff. 

“Captain, I'm receiving an audio message from the Excalibur to the
attack fleet,” said Uhura, as she pulled her earpiece from her ear. 

“Put it on ship wide audio, Lieutenant.” 

Uhura punched two buttons and then listened with everyone else. 

“ for a statement from Fleet Admiral Komack... All ships: please
standby for a message from Fleet Admiral Komack...” was heard over the 
ship wide Comm system. 

“This is Komack. I have all the faith in the universe that we will be
mighty and swift in our fully justified mission. The future of 
Earth-Romulan relations rides on what we do today. To the crews of the 
Lexington, Constellation, Yorktown, and Enterprise, Godspeed,” he said, 
as the channel closed. 

“Mr. Scott?” 

“Fully charged, Sir,” replied Scott from his station. 

“Mr. Finney, set a course for Remus. Mr. Sulu at exactly 07:00,
accelerate to warp 8. Mr. Spock, keep your eyes on the motion sensors. 
If the Romulans are out there cloaked and move toward the zone or us, I 
want to know about it. Uhura, keep your ears open for any Romulan 
transmissions,” said Kirk, finishing his sweep of the bridge and 
checking the chronometer. 

At exactly 07:00, the four ships went into warp, traversing the neutral
zone, and headed toward different points in Romulan space. About six 
uneventful hours went by before things started to pick up. 



Commodore Wesley asked for a status report. All bridge stations reported
green. He turned to his science officer, Lt. Grant, manning the sensors 
and asked for a long-range scan of the Agora system, which was their 
target destination. Agora was a rocky moon of a gas giant. That moon, 
according to 100-year-old intelligence, was the Romulan's only known 
source of dilithium. The Lexington's mission was to destroy the mining 

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