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Star Trek TOS: Ruse - Chapter Three "Suicide" (standard:Fan Fiction, 3112 words) [4/10] show all parts
Author: KirkAdded: Aug 05 2006Views/Reads: 2448/1863Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Enterprise receives it's special orders.

Star Trek: "Ruse" Copyright 2004 

Chapter Three - "Suicide" 

Captain's personal Log, Stardate 1729.8, I have received The
Enterprises' special orders involving us and the three other ships 
crossing the border. Each of our ships has different objectives, but I 
fear my ship and my crew have been selected for a suicide mission. 


Kirk arrived at the briefing room carrying copies of their orders.
Seated at the table were Spock, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, operations officer 
and fourth in command, Uhura, communications and fifth in command, 
Chekov, head weapons officer, and Lt. Commander Benjamin Finney, watch 
commander, and third officer. Standing off to side were Lieutenant 
Fritz Malloy, chief of security and Yeoman Janice Rand, Kirk's personal 
assistant. It was her task to keep the minutes of the meeting. 

Kirk handed the copies of the general orders to Rand, who started to
hand them out. 

“You're being given a written record of our orders,” said Kirk, as she
passed around several copies. “We will be entering Romulan space in 
less than thirty four hours. The objective is to cripple or eliminate 
the Romulans capacity to make war with Earth as well as The Federation. 
That alone is no easy task. Mr. Sulu?” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

“I want four battle drills within the next 28 hours.” Sulu nodded. “Mr.

“Yes, Keptin?” 

“I want diagnostics run on the entire weapons array.” Chekov wrote the
order down. “Dr. McCoy?” 

“Yes, Captain?” 

“I want sick bay set up for emergency treatment complete with triage. I
also want medical teams ready to go wherever needed on the ship in 
critical emergencies.” McCoy rubbed his face with his hand. “Mr. 

“Aye, Sir,” he responded, without looking at Kirk. 

“You will be manning navigation during this mission. I want you to
memorize everything we know about the stellar cartography of the 
Romulan Star Empire and the Neutral Zone. If things get dicey, I want 
you to be able to put us on a course to avoid, as well as fall back, 
without my input as to the headings needed. You will coordinate what 
you learn with Mr. Sulu.” Finney didn't budge. “Mr. Spock?” 

“Yes, Captain?” 

“I want you to refresh yourself on everything we have on Romulans. Speak
to T'Prell if need be. If we find ourselves in a situation where we 
need to talk our way out, it helps to know as much as we can about our 
adversary. Have the science staff run diagnostics on the sensors and 
computer. I want everything 100% before we cross into the Neutral Zone. 

“Aye, Sir?” she answered, swiveling her chair to face him directly. 

“I want you and your staff to go back over the previous communications
we intercepted from the Romulans and try to decipher them. If we know 
what they're saying to each other, it would be a major advantage to 

Kirk then turned to the most important person seated at the table for
completing the mission. “Mr. Scott?” 

“Aye, Sir,” he answered, suddenly sitting tall in his seat. 

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