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Craving Control (standard:drama, 1660 words) [1/4] show all parts
Author: Melissa S. BarronUpdated: Oct 24 2004Views/Reads: 3128/2057Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Cadhla is an 18 year old girl, just beginning to experience life. However, she feels that she is losing control of everything in her life... men sleeping with her, then leaving by morning, she evens get to the point where her looks and beauty become an ob

Chapter 1 

It was just another dark and gloomy day for Cadhla. There she sat alone
and in despair, crying, on her bed. Sobbing, she hugged her pillow 
tightly and buried her reddened face in it's softness. She was 18 years 
old, a senior in highschool, and what every girl wanted to be, popular, 
pretty and smart all in one girl. Every girl envied her beauty . . . 
the dark brown tight curls that hung down her back, those bright green 
emeralds for eyes, and her fair flawless skin. No one ever knew, her 
dark secrets that she held, at school everyone assumed she was happy 
with her life. She always had men that adored her, sending her flowers 
or asking her to a dance. Every year, when there was a homecoming, yes, 
you guessed it . . . Cadhla was the one that took the crown, and in the 
yearbook? Yes, she was the star in every picture So I bet your 
wondering why, this teen cries late at night? Well, it could be that 
her parents just went through a divorce, however, her mother and father 
are still close, so that's not it. She is living with her mother and 
her 12-year-old sister, Sara. Sara was in the eighth grade, soon to be 
a freshman. They were both attending Williamsburg schools, in 
California. Cadhla loved the sun. She always enjoyed times when it 
would set just beyond the sparkling turquoise ocean, and watching 
people surf on the beaches. All she wanted was to be alone and relax 
and savor the moments by herself. However, with her beauty and 
charisma, that was impossible. She found herself surrounded by men that 
wanted her number, or her friends from school would show up, and sit 
there talking to her, asking her what she would wear to school the next 
day or what guy she liked. 

One day, while at the beach with her best friend Katie, she was so
frustrated with her life."Katie I can't take it anymore! Why am I the 
one jerks adore? I just want to have fun, and not worry about anything! 
Who needs men anyway? I am obviously not good enough, to be treated 
normally. I am so tired of getting my heart trampled on by men that 
couldn't careless." 

" Cad, you can't let jerks get to you . . . you'll find someone that
treats you good soon enough." 

" No, I'm tired of it! I am staying single for a while, and I need
sometime to myself! Look, at all the weight I have gained!" 

" Cad I honestly don't see the fat that you see, your so skinny and

" Oh my God! Look at my thighs! I don't wanna talk about it anymore,
C'mon lets go!" 

When she finally came home, it was midnight, she crept upstairs very
quietly and shut the door before her mom could hear her. She took one 
glance at her image in the mirror, what she saw, was something 
completely different then what she was. Everyone saw a picture perfect 
model figure, she saw a hideous monster, that was over weight and out 
of shape. She threw herself on her bed, and threw one of her many 
pillows at her reflection in disgust! That was when she buried her face 
in the pillow and cried, so upset at herself. She finally couldn't take 
the pain that she was feeling, now she wasn't having suicidal thoughts, 
she was tired of her life, she felt that she had no control life. She 
reached into her secret box. In this secret box she kept many things, 
things that she didn't want her mom to find or things that meant a lot 
to her. Among some of her possessions was one box of condoms, a 
notebook, a bunch of Hershey bars, and a few things that men she loved 
gave to her. This box she wrapped in shiny purple paper, and put her 
name in silver studs on the lid. She kept it hidden, in a loose floor 
board that was underneath her bed, the perfect spot. She tore open the 
box, and let the objects fall on her bed. Crying very hard, she grabbed 
a Hershey bar and tore the wrapper, and devoured it. Suddenly she 
stopped and looked up at her reflection. Her face all red from crying, 
mascara smearing down to show exactly where the tears fell, she saw how 
she looked. Hair a mess, makeup smeared, she scared herself, she threw 
the chocolate across the room and ran to her bathroom, looked at the 
mirror and tears pouring from those beautiful green eyes, she screamed, 
so angry with herself. All she wanted in her life right now, was a man 
that could treat her like a queen, instead of a tramp. She sat down on 
a stool, infront of her vanity, memories flashed back in her mind. 

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