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Craving Control (standard:drama, 3028 words) [2/4] show all parts
Author: Melissa S. BarronAdded: Jul 21 2004Views/Reads: 2505/1847Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Chapter 2 * i would love feed back*

Chapter 2 

Cadhla's alarm went off at 6am . . . time for school, another boring
Monday. Cadhla was still in her clothes she wore the day before. She 
peered around her room, through barely opened eyes, her secret box was 
laying spilled out on the floor, what if her mom walked in and saw 
that?! She stumbled out of bed almost fell on her face, quickly 
gathered the belongings, shoved them in the box, closed the lid, and 
stuffed it in the hole under her bed. 

" Cadhla! Are you up yet? I just crawled out of bed, I'm gonna take a
shower, hurry up and get ready, you have to take Sara to school, I have 
a meeting to go to." 

A sigh of relief crept over Cadhla, her mom didn't see a thing, she woke
up just in time. She was a mess! Her makeup was dried up, in the places 
it smeared, and she had a big headache, she must have cried herself to 
sleep. She walked into the bathroom, sat down on her stool, and washed 
her face off. Once she was all cleaned up, she went over and picked out 
her outfit for school. She must have tried on 50 different shirts . . . 
she choose a tight pair of blue jeans and white tennis shoes, which 
didn't have backs . . . they were definitely her, cute but comfortable. 
She finally choose a small tight white tee, that had a v neck. She 
choose a black belt to add some color to her outfit and put on a silver 
chain round her neck, this chain only had a tiny silver heart, that 
Katie had given her for her birthday when she was eight. It was her 
favorite necklace, it meant the world to Cadhla and she was never 
caught without it on. She decided to wear some light purple eyeshadow, 
that really made her eyes stand out, she quickly put on some eyeliner, 
mascara, and smoothed some clear gloss over her lips. There she was 
ready, she looked in the mirror, still not satisfied with how she 
looked, she just shrugged her shoulders . . . rolled her eyes, and 
sprayed a light scent of vanilla over her. 

"As always, this is as good as I'll ever look." She said under her

" WOW you look great!" Sara said, startling Cadhla " Can I borrow your
green skirt?" 

" NO GET OUT YOU BRAT! You were told to knock before you come barging in

The 13- year-old, was used to being treated this way, it's just the way
things went in that household. Sara would be a nosy little sister, and 
Cadhla was very private, and played the big mean sister very well. 
Cadhla rolled her eyes at the sound of Sara stomping her feet away in 
anger, grabbed her book bag, and went in the kitchen. 

There on the table, was the typical breakfast. Two over easy eggs, one
piece of white toast with melted butter, two slices of bacon and one 
sausage link. Cadhla had to admit, it did look very good and she was a 
little on the hungry side. However, she remembered her figure in the 
mirror and how unhappy she was, she then looked down and saw her 
thighs. The thoughts, which flashed in her mind at that precise moment, 
were how fat and ugly she thought of herself. She then looked across 
the table, her sister had been staring at her the whole time. She 
needed an excuse, just a little white lie of why she couldn't eat. She 
grabbed the piece of toast, climbed up out of her chair and pushed the 
plate of untouched food, to the side. She gulped down some iced tea, 
and reached for her bag. 

" Come on, I have to talk to one of my teachers, before the bell rings
we need to go." 

Her sister, had already finished eating while Cadhla got dressed, so
thinking nothing of it, she went ahead of Cadhla to the car. Perfect, 
she thought now I can get rid of this piece of toast. She went in her 
room, opened the window that faced the backyard, and threw the toast 
for the birds to eat. 

"It's only for a little while, you just need to get back in shape." She
told her reflection, as she was walking out of her room, her mom was 
standing there. 

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