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Black and Silvered-Prologue (standard:drama, 399 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: EmberAdded: Sep 05 2004Views/Reads: 3460/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Introduction to the story of a girl and how she goes through life.


A girl walks down a street lined with beautifully horticulture. She
knows she doesn't fit in around here, but her artistic side almost 
forces to walk down this street everyday. None of the residents know 
her name, they only know her as Pest, Or, at least that is how it seems 
to her. However, she doesn't expect acceptance, she only comes to 
admire the artwork made of shrubs. 

After going down that street for a few more blocks, she turns onto a
deserted alley.  If you were to cast a glance at the girl, you wouldn't 
think her to be a person to cut through an alley. She looks to be about 
14 or 15 years old, with long, wavy, black hair, which she generally 
keeps braided, and her clothing seems almost spotless, from a distance. 
As if in argument with everything else, she has startlingly clear 
gray-blue eyes. However, her looks are deceiving in revealing her place 
among this harsh society. In fact, though she has a steady job, she has 
trouble keeping a steady diet of food and an ok place to live. For not 
only does she have to care for herself, she must also care for her 
little brother and the newfound puppy she had discovered. Yet she is 
not unhappy. If you compare her with the everyday, run-of-the-mill 
teenage girl, you'd find she is much happier. 

As she nears the end of the alley, she hears a little boy's delightful
cry. Immediately, the girl recognizes the voice, and calls out to him. 

"Reeve!" she taunts quietly "I'm coming to get you." 

A giggle is heard emerging from behind a garbage can and a muddy little
puppy comes out. Upon seeing the girl, the puppy, grins a dog smile, 
lolling tongue included, and sprints towards her. 

"Hello Angel," the girl cooes "Do you know where Reeve is?" "No!" comes
a cry from behind the garbage can "I've had enough of that dog for one 
day." "Then come out and greet your elder sister, huh?" the girl 
threatens "Unless, of course, you want a dog washed face?" 

It is an empty threat, but Reeve does not know this. As he slowly crawls
out of hiding, the girl sees his huge grin, and can't help but grin 
back. As soon as Reeve is free, he jumps forward and encloses the girl 
in a huge bear hug. 


This is part 1 of a total of 3 parts.
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