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Black and Silvered-Chapter One (standard:drama, 2020 words) [2/3] show all parts
Author: EmberAdded: Sep 05 2004Views/Reads: 2606/1883Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
And thus the story of a girl who pulls herself up after every scrape begins...

Chapter One 

The girl woke up sobbing. What she had just experienced was more than
just a dream, it was a memory. Her name is Ember, but at that moment, 
she was going by the name Eve. To most. Just as every other time, she 
had changed her name with her home, if you could call them homes. She 
was no longer the happy-go-lucky girl she used to be. Now she had 
experienced the hardships of life. It had been three years since that 
memory had occurred in reality and she was now 20 years old. Her 
physical appearance was only similar to what it had been. Her hair was 
chin length, and her face was, seemingly, always serious. 

As she continued to sob, her companion, a mixed breed dog, also woke up
and tried, unsuccessfully, to cheer her up. 

"Oh, Angel," she sobbed into the dog's fur "why did he have to go?" 

The dog, Angel, suddenly understood why she was crying, and whined
pitifully. Both dog and girl were remembering to a little over a year 
ago. Back to the last time they had seen Ember's little brother, Reeve. 


"Where are you off to?" asks a younger, smiling Ember, watching Reeve
while laying on a bed "I'm going to Europe." Reeve replies, swiftly 
packing his meager belongings "Why?!" Ember becomes serious immediately 
"I can't stand being poor!" Reeve cries out, shaking the shabby 
apartment's windows "You can just barely support all of us! I mean look 
at the apartment we're in?!" "Reeve, you're only just 14! What are you 
gonna do?" Ember replies shocked 

Reeve pulls out a flyer and hands it to Ember. It reads: Help Needed,
NOW! Where: Wines Burro's new expansion in Europe When: A.S.A.P Who: 
First ten applicants Why: Will pay for fare to Europe and will give 
room and board once arrived PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL Wine's Burro FOR 

"So, you've been accepted." Ember states weakly, no evidence of there
ever having been a smile on her face. "I'm sorry." Reeve looks sadly at 
his sister "Here, this is the address and phone number for where I'll 
be boarding." He hands her an envelope that has written on the front 
"Do Not Open Until I Leave". Ember knows there is more there than just 
an address and phone number, and feels the tears welling up in her 

"Sis," Reeve moans "please don't cry!" "Well, what else am I supposed to
do?!" Ember yells, making the floors vibrate, and Reeve winces. "Give 
me a hug?" Reeve suggests uncertainly. 

Ember jumps up and hugs Reeve so fiercely he has trouble breathing for a
few seconds. However when he tries to break free, and realizes Ember 
won't let go, he finally releases his pride and cries onto his sister's 
shoulder. After a few more minutes of clinging to her brother, Ember 
reluctantly lets go. 

"You'd better get on your way," chokes out Ember, wiping at bloodshot
eyes "or I may just let Angel here lick up your tears." 

Reeve looks at the dog, Angel< lying pitilessly by his feet. Angel,
realizing she has Reeve's attention looks at him pleadingly. 

"No!" cries Reeve, a ghost of a smile on his face "I do not want a dog
washed face thank you, I'll go." 

With that, he picks up his bags, gives his sister a kiss good-bye, and
walks out the door into his new life. 


"Angel," Eve whispered "why did I let him go?" 

Eve would have broken into more sobs just then, but she had already
wasted away all the tears she had. As it was, she needed something to 
do. So, she slithered out of her bed in her new employer's attic and 

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