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Black and Silvered-Chapter Two (standard:drama, 2453 words) [3/3] show all parts
Author: EmberAdded: Sep 05 2004Views/Reads: 2443/1898Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
After making a friend for the first time in ages, Ember is starting to feel a little like her old self. But what still awaits her?

Chapter Two 

As Eve and Angel came to a halt in front of the café, Irene was still
four houses behind. Eve smiled and leaned against the building panting 
hard.  Angel, too, seemed happy with herself, for she sat heavily on 
her haunches, lolled out her tongue, cocked her head and grinned at the 
approaching Irene.  Irene, already worn out, just glared at them too 
tired to speak. 

"Come on, Irene," Eve called, looking at her watch, "We haven't got all

Angel barked as if to say 'Yes, hurry up, I'm thirsty.'  As Irene
finally reached where Eve was standing, she nearly collapsed against 
the wall, panting. 

"Can we go in and get some food now?" Eve raised her eyebrows
questioningly, "I'm rather hungry." "Yes," Irene panted, "I'm dying of 

Angel padded over to Irene, allowing herself to be used as a support. 
Eve opened the doors to Kit Cat Café and held them for her dog and new 

"Are you sure they allow dogs here?" Eve asked, looking at the sign once
more. "Yeah," Irene slid into a booth, "don't let the sign confuse 

Eve slid into the booth across from Irene and picked up a menu.  Irene
looked up from her menu and hailed down a waitress.  Angel, meanwhile, 
sat patiently on a cushion under the table. 

"Hi!" greeted the waitress, a small blonde, blue-eyed girl; "I'm Amy. 
Can I get your dog a bowl of water?" "Yes, thank you." Eve said, 
patting Angel absently. "Are there any specials this morning, Amy?" 
Irene asked putting her menu back on the table. "Oh, Irene!" Amy 
smiled, "Didn't see you behind that menu, glad your back.  Our special 
this morning is the jalapen¢ omelet. It's better than it sounds." "I'll 
just have a Mocha Laté and a Muffin, please." Eve said, putting down 
her menu. "Great," Amy jotted some words on her note pad, "The usual 
for you Irene?" "Yeah," Irene said, "Thanks." 

Amy smiled again, picked up the menus and walked towards the kitchen. 
Eve looked over at Irene curiously.  Irene looked steadily back, 

"You two old friend?" Eve asked. "Yes." Irene replied. "What no more
info?" Eve inquired. "Eve," Irene sighed, "we're old friends, that's 
all.  There's no scandal or anything involved." "Fine, fine, fine," Eve 
slumped down in the booth; "I'll leave you alone about it." 

Angel propped her head on Irene's knee and looked up at her pleadingly. 
Irene threw up her hands. 

"Not fair!" She sighed. "I can't handle it when dog and human hound me
for info!" "Sorry." Eve grinned, Irene glared at her. 

At that moment, Amy stepped out of the kitchen and began walking towards
their table. She was balancing a tray on her hand.  When she reached 
their table, she took the bowl of water off the tray and put it on the 
ground in front of Angel.  Then, she put the tray, and all that was 
left on it, on the table.  Eve took her Mocha and muffin (which turned 
out to be chocolate chip), leaving a raspberry scone, a cup of 
cranberry juice, and a fruit and yogurt parfait, Irene's usual.  Irene 
took her things, then looked over at Amy. 

"When does your shift end?" Irene asked, tearing a piece off her scone.
"Once you pay." Amy kept her face straight. "Well, you may be here for 
a long shift then." Irene replied, keeping her face just as straight. 

Eve shook her head and looked at her watch.  Upon seeing the time, she
jumped slightly. 

"Sorry to interrupt," Eve said, "but I have to open shop in 13 minutes."
"Take your coffee and muffin and go." Irene looked at Angel, who lay 

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