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Zithia: Chapter 2 (standard:fantasy, 992 words) [2/4] show all parts
Author: Elizabeth K.Added: Nov 08 2007Views/Reads: 2395/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is chapter two to my first part of Zithia. Please read and enjoy!

It took Star only two seconds to reach the woods, but she never stopped
running. Five minutes later, after ducking through trees and jumping 
over stumps and clambering over boulders, she could see something 
through the dense woods. It looked like...a stone circle. Star heard a 
loud explosion that made her jump, which came from the direction in 
which she had come from. This made her run even faster towards the 
stone circle. Footstep after footstep, heartbeat after heartbeat, all 
of her energy was into reaching that circle. Her mother told her she 
would be safe there, and right now, those words that were ringing in 
her ears was all that was left of her mother. She knew her mother was 
dead, but the emotions hadn't quite caught up with her yet. There, just 
a foot away...and...Star made it to the stone circle. She felt suddenly 
warm all over, as if encased in one of her mother's hugs. 

"Wait a minute..." Star thought aloud. She knew exactly what this 'stone
circle' was. Or, at least, she thought she knew. "This is a Fay circle! 
This circle is protected by Elvin magic! I knew it was real..." Star 
said happily, yet stubbornly at the same time. She did not know what 
had caused her to be so happy. She just was. She had no reason to be 
happy, but it was there. Star sat down on a clear crystal stone that 
was in the middle of the Fay circle and opened her bag. There, right on 
top, was the letter. She had always wondered what was in it, and now 
she got the chance to find out. Star gently lifted out the envelope in 
was encased in, and opened it. She took out the letter and began to 

"Dearest Star," began the letter, written in her mother's curly
handwriting. "Since you are reading this, what I expected to happen did 
happen. Hopefully, this letter will explain everything for you. When 
you were born, your father left me, for I told him I would not go with 
him on another one of his adventures. He walked out the door saying 
that this would be his last adventure, for this time he was going to 
stay. I never saw your father again. Your father left me in possession 
of a map to where he was going, in case I ever decided I loved him 
enough to follow him. I never did, although I still loved him with all 
my heart. Now, dear daughter, it is time for you to go to him. I 
believe that you should be old enough now, for the directions are 
rather simple to follow. If he is still alive, and has not been killed 
by some fascinating creature of some sort, you should find him the 
moment you get there. Remember Star, I love you. My whole life I have 
spent protecting you, and now it is time for you to save your-self. 
Love, Your mother, Celestina. 

Star folded up the letter and looked inside the envelope, where a piece
of old, yellowed paper sat. Star slid it out carefully and put the 
letter back in. She put the envelope in her bag, and put her bag over 
her shoulder. She imagined that wherever she had to go, she ought to be 
ready. She was now on her feet. Star opened the letter and read, 
although a little nervously. It was written in a different type of 
handwriting, one she had never seen before. 

Go to the stone circle in the woods. Stand in the middle and say these
words, exactly as they are spelled: e' sha' ne'; zhi'; Ali sair These 
words will take you to me. 

Star held the paper in her hands until she was ready to make the journey
of a lifetime. 

"E' sha' ne'; zhi'; ali sair." said Star. She was instantly sent
swirling; where, she did not know. Everything around her was 
pitch-black, and she was starting to get sick. Then, everything 
stopped, and she could see again. She was in some type of forest 
clearing, different from the forest she had just been in. Here it was 
day, and back home it had been evening. Everything smelled different, 
too, and the air was slightly lighter. Star was standing right in the 
middle of the clearing, and on the outside, which was about 8 feet 
away; she could see a little house, quite like the one she used to 
have. Suddenly, a man walked out of the house. Star instantly 
recognized his sharp features, dark auburn hair, and deep blue eyes. 
The man seemed to have noticed her. Star was still dizzy from her trip, 
but she knew she couldn't be imagining what was happening. 

"Father? Star said, rather quietly. She stood where she was, waiting
for the man's reaction. Suddenly the man's eye's filled with tears. 

"Star." He managed to say. His voice was as rich as chocolate, calm and
gentle. They started walking towards each other, each staring at the 
other. When they got close enough to touch, Star's father wrapped her 
in a hug so big it more than enough paid off for all of those thirteen 
fatherless years. 

"I've waited thirteen years for you to call me that. I've waited
thirteen years to see your mother as well, but since your here, and 
she's not, I can guess what happened. Last time I saw you, I could hold 
you in one hand. Now, my God, you're nearly as tall as me! And as 
beautiful as your mother was. Come on in, I bet your dizzy from the 
trip. Some tea ought to make that better." He finished, leading her 
into the little house, one arm around her shoulder, not wanting to let 
go for fear it was only a dream. 

*NOTE* this is chapter two. three is on it's way. thanks for your
feedback! it's what keeps me going.


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