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Senior Reunion (standard:humor, 3985 words) [1/5] show all parts
Author: HughUpdated: Oct 04 2004Views/Reads: 2427/1516Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Story of senior citizens going to a reunion. Funny episodes of the seniors.

Chapter One. Seniorities Annual friendly get together 2003. 

As we boarded the ferry to Switzerland where we had decided to hold our
reunion of old loving friends. 

And the fact that most of us needed to get our illegal earnings out of
the country and into our safe deposit banks in Europe. Switzerland 
seemed the best answer. Plus I myself was meeting Doreen for coffee. 

I sat near the window in the café on the ferry. There I watched as my
friends arrived. There were twins one looked like Moriarty, and the 
other Darthvader, both were old men now hard to think what they were 
like as boys. But when you're old, who cares. 

The press were there as well; Russell was the Seniority Journalist and
was blessed with one of those natural instincts for a story. But not 
necessarily the right story. But age does that to tired typists. 

My eyes were drawn to the window once more, with the commotion going on
near the ferry gangplank. Poor Kevin I thought to my self, as I watched 
him getting whacked with handbags from his friends. He never learns I 
smiled to myself in deep thought. 

I noticed the boss in the corner of the cafe, he is known as the mad axe
man, as he likes to chop people off. He was up to his normal tricks on 
his laptop. He has never changed since he was a boy, always gumming up 
someone else's web site. He is easy to spot, he is a teddy boy. He 
never did buy a new suit. 

I sipped my coffee thinking of the snow and a bit of ski fun, slipping
and sliding down the slopes chasing an American blonde member before 
breakfast. That was a nice moment in time. Wicked thoughts as well. 

Once again drawn to the window, as the sound of screeching cars pulled
up along the dock by the ferry. 

Security guards everywhere. Is this the Queen or President Bush I
wondered? Soon it became clear. 

Out stepped Captain ST Bligh, He stood there majestic in his uniform
with gold braid all over him. 

He tripped up on the gang plank and fell on his face, that's odd I
thought, as he had two telescopes one on each eye, but when I saw him 
later that day, I realized they were just horn rimmed glasses, with old 
prescription lenses. I think he tries to save his pension like the rest 
of us, and bank it in his numbered account abroad. 

The hooters sounded and the ferry started to move. With trepidation and
a frill combined I sat back and wondered at the marvels of the ships 
tugs and yachts anchored, as we headed out to sea, and another one of 
life's adventures beginning. 

That night, Victor was draining out the wine from a wooden barrel on the
back of a French lorry parked in the car bays. Some old ladies from his 
hag days were sipping up the over spill from the floor. Singing God 
Save the Queen. It was nice to see them happy and enjoying themselves. 
All except one that is, she was writing this all down in her files so 
that she would not forget. After that, she joined in happy. 

At midnight I had decided to retire to my cabin and a good nights sleep
ready for the adventures of the next day. As I entered the lower decks, 
I noticed the security guards outside Captain ST Blighs cabin. As I 
passed they were laying out his bed for him. I stopped for a while and 
pretended that I was reading the ships safety instructions posted on 
the hallway wall. As I watched amazed, it took over an hour for them to 
remove his uniform riddled with gold braid. He stood there after that 
exhausted with the weight of his uniform. As I continued back to my 
cabin, I dwelled on the thought that it must be very hard being a god. 

As I turned out my light, I smiled and thought isn't it just grand being
surrounded by so many friends and companions. With that thought, and 
the knowledge that tomorrow I would meet all the members at the dance 
on the ferry I shut my eyes and drifted into oblivion. I awoke with a 
startle. The dream fresh in my mind. I have always had the warnings and 

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