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Seniors Reunion Part 2 (standard:humor, 5455 words) [2/5] show all parts
Author: HughAdded: Sep 29 2004Views/Reads: 1929/1450Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Second part to Seniors reunion. Continues with the characters in Seniors Reunion.

Chapter 3. 

I came to lying on my bunk. As I opened my eyes I saw a beautiful nurse,
she had blonde hair down to her waist. In a dusky sexy voice she said, 
how do you feel? My mind drifted back to the sound of what I thought 
was a sailor saying I have some Vaseline, and the panic in my mind as I 
fainted. Thank god I was wrong. I smiled in deep thought, Sylvie was 
right. I am a berk. 

I am Elizabeth she said, I thought for a moment gazeing at her face and
slowly my eyes looking to her eyes of crystal blue. That's the queens 
name I thought, but it suits her, she is a queen. My mind went into 
overtime; it's the same every time a woman of beauty catches my eyes 
and steals my breath. My senses were struck with excitement. She wiped 
the Vaseline of my head and neck. Drifting over the Glasgow love bites 
that smothered my battered head. I felt her gentle hands undo my romper 
suit. One button at a time. This nurse knew how to inflame a man. I 
remembered a filing clerk once had the same effect on me with her 
passion for a real man. But that was long ago when I was old. 

She proceeded to pull my romper suit off, with the skill of a mother yet
the temptation of a woman fired with passion. Her gentle tiny hands ran 
down my body, kissing my skin like a feather as she glided to her 
target. I shut my eyes in the excitement, and hoped I was wrong. Eyes 
shut I heard her groan in that voice that sends sailors to the depths 
of the ocean. I felt pressure on my body, and then without another word 
she pulled off my wooden leg. I was wrong. My sister always says, don't 
count chickens, you berk. What is it I thought, with females, why can't 
they think like men? 

The padre opened my cabin door and said how is he nurse, slipping my
wallet back onto by bunk-side table, knowing now that there was no cash 
in it, just my social security giro. He is ok Padre she replied. 

I watched as the padre sat on my bunk and he in turn watched Elizabeth
tending my leg. As she bent over me, he was glancing at her legs. He 
stared at her legs intensely, you will be fine now she told me as she 
hammered a six inch nail into the crack that meant I would not have to 
walk sideways at the dance tonight. She kissed me gently on my battered 
head; now I knew for sure, this lady isn't from Glasgow. My geography 
was improving. Bye for now she said with a captivating smile, I will 
pop back after the dance tonight about midnight. And in silence the 
padre and I watched, as the door closed behind her, such a woman I 
thought, she didn't even shut the door on my fingers. 

I had deep thoughts as to her legs, when I had watched the padre's face
fascinated by looking at them. I needed to know the truth from him. 
Padre I asked, now as Elizabeth had gone, yes my son what do you want, 
I need you to be honest with me, and do not shade me from the truth I 
can take it father, I replied. Ok my son if you want gods truth I will 
give you god's truth as a good agnostic, would I lie to you about god. 
No father that's true I reasoned. Knowing my brain is not working to 
good at the best of times. Tell me about her legs I asked, you spent a 
lot of time looking at them does she wear suspenders and stockings like 
most nurses. The padre looked at me with pride, he placed his hand on 
my head, leaving his afghan sword on my bunk. I felt a relief, as I did 
not know for sure if agnostics were one of bin ladens terrorist groups. 

What do you want me to say he asked, tell me about her legs I replied
knowing she would be back at midnight. Well he said it was fascinating, 
I have never seen the likes of her legs before, in mounting excitement 
my body shaking, yes yes I demanded, tell me please tell me. Ok my son, 
sit back and relax. One he said was mahogany and the other one made of 
oak. I felt faint once again. Her with two wooden legs and me with one, 
we could marry and have lots of little trees. O my dreams grew, in my 

I decided not to mention the wallet incident for his honesty and
compassion. And I replaced the gold plate into his mass case before he 
knew I had stolen it. I never intended to steal from a holy man, but I 
got gold fever looking at Captain ST Bligh, s. Uniform. I have had 
these feelings for gold ever since I was in borstal with my best mate 
Ronnie Biggs. Me and Ronnie have a full set of gold false teeth now, we 
stole them from Brinks Matt a few years ago. When I saw that gold plate 

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